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    XINXIN GEM Technology Co., Ltd.  always follow the accelerating path of scientific excellence and innovation to deliver unrelenting value to our customers. We strive to be a world class designer and manufacturer of diverse optoelectronic packaging solutions. XINXIN GEM builds on decades of diligent experience in coating, metallization, optical films and metal and ceramic packaging fields. 


    Our advanced facilities are capable of coating, plating, lithography, and etching.  This is why so many industry leaders choose us rather than the competition when they require a trusted supplier. We provide extreme emphasis on product quality and unparalleled customer responsiveness while prioritizing cost competitiveness.        

    1. Visible / Near / Infrared plane light window (Sapphire, Quartz, K9, Germanium, Silicon etc.)

    2. TO caps, Ball Lens, C Lens, Wedge Window, Tilt window

    3. Ceramic components

    4. Ceramic package, Metal package, UV package

    5. Optical components



    • 2017-12-27
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            12/25/2017, Major Standards Organization for the Mobile Communications Industry The 3GPP approved the first 5G New Radio standard ...

      The first new air interface standard to promote 5G standard formulation into the acceleration phase
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      Sixth sense of the human "black technology" - thermal imaging camera
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      LightCounting: New Architectur...

      12/25/2017, LightCounting, a market research company, recently released the tenth edition of its research report on AOC / EOM (Active Optic...

      LightCounting: New Architecture New Situation Leads New Opportunities for the 2018 Optical Communications Market
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      China Optical Communications B...

      China Optical Communications Began to Lead the World: Comment on the Establishment of NGOF    2017/12/20:Next Generation Optical Transport...

      China Optical Communications Began to Lead the World: Comment on the Establishment of NGOF

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