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       Gem Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is founded by a number of outstanding professor with technology and management in 2011 June,is  "Research - production - sales" the trinity of high-tech enterprises.

        With its superb R & D strength, the accumulation of new technological achievements and experience in aerospace engineering, focusing on semiconductor metallization, metal packaging, glass packaging, optical films and other core technology as a breakthrough, to provide users with needs from research to production photoelectric package design, technology, manufacturing overall solution.

    With ISO9000 quality management system and core IP technology innovation platform, Gem do offer the following products and solutions:

    1, visible near infrared plane light window (sapphire, quartz, K9 etc.);

    2, infrared focal plane detector packaging window and component;

    3, ball lens,TO cap  with optical window component,;

    4, the endoscope package window and component;

    5, Ceramic  Film componants;

    6, special optical devices;

    7、relevant equipment。

    Gem always follow the "scientific excellence, innovation, and pragmatic" philosophy to become a "best partners around you," to serve the purpose, jointly won the added value.



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